Food Faves: San Diego Edition

This is a list of my favorite food places in the San Diego area. There are a lot more places I haven’t been to yet. I still consider myself quite new to the area. If you’re ever in the area check them out.
 photo 16110918_478328485888723_742008492906250240_n_zpsvylsan8t.jpg
Papa’s Donuts in La Mesa, CA
The owner of this donut shop is originally from Hawaii. They sell Hawaiian themed donuts and malasadas. I’m not convinced their malasadas are actually malasadas because I’ve tried the ones from Leonard’s Bakery in Hawaii. However, they have a chocolate covered donut filled with haupia that is to DIE FOR. Haupia is coconut pudding. This gem is sprinkled with chopped macadamia nuts to make it even better. This is one of my favorite donuts of all time. They also have a glazed one filled with pineapple and topped with chopped pecans but I haven’t tried it.
 photo 14515621_302314200142832_5144837145151668224_n_zpsbn1urmy3.jpg
Lil Dipper in La Jolla, CA
This ice cream shop is a hidden gem in La Jolla. Parking kind of sucks unless you come after 6pm so it’s free. They make one of the best pumpkin ice creams I’ve ever tasted. If you buy the container like I did you could bring it back to refill for a cheaper price. It’s a win win situation. I got a combination of pumpkin and maui waui. The maui waui taste like passion fruit. It reminded me of Hawaii without being overwhelming.
 photo 14240674_339762366369903_1990116017_n_zpsvaytxxtd.jpg
Casa Guadalajara in San Diego, CA
Casa Guadalajara is a San Diego favorite. They have amazing Mexican food! I had the tequila lime shrimp which was amazing. It’s fairly priced. I haven’t tried the margaritas yet but it’s next on the list. They also serve chips and salsa as appetizers. There’s lots of tables and decent parking.
 photo 15403306_1682118645411811_2267766303068520448_n_zpsqgu1kh9w.jpg
Mendocino Farms in La Jolla, CA
I love this place! It’s sort of like a high end sandwich shop that serves sides and drinks. I think they serve alcoholic beverages too. I usually come here for lunch. I’ve tried their potato salad, pork belly banh mi sandwich, and steak sandwich. The pork belly banh mi (sandwich in Vietnamese) is pictured above.
 photo 15538938_269293246807115_6869450566729203712_n_zpsaakksxmc.jpg
Alfonso’s in Solana Beach, CA
I used to work in this area so my old coworkers and I came here for our holiday party. This place is like a cross between a hipster bar and restaurant. I had the grilled lime shrimp with a strawberry margarita. The margarita was delicious. I’m not a fan of super sweet margaritas and this one is just right.
 photo 14583523_164454484009382_826269862853607424_n_zpsc1hmyrxj.jpg
 photo 14583441_1209938269069830_8775820037836505088_n_zpsvjgeybqd.jpg
El Pescador Fish Market in La Jolla, CA
I love this market. They have all kinds of seafood. It’s super fresh but a bit pricey. My mom ordered me to buy seafood from here for hotpot. Good thing I listened because it was delicious! I tried the octopus, squid, jumbo Mexican shrimp, clams, and scallops. I bought ½ lb of octopus, squid, and shrimp and then 1 lb of clams and scallops. The total came out to be around $80. It’s pricey but worth it for special occasions. I’ve also tried their red snapper sandwich, ceviche, and sashimi. I’m not a fan of their ceviche. It’s too sour and salty for my liking. Their red snapper sandwich was amazing! It taste like a filet-o-fish from McDonald’s but made with fresh ingredients. The sashimi was pretty tasty as well.
 photo 16464122_1124521164313800_3690560394092347392_n_zpsrql78feq.jpg
Bottega Italiana Gelato in La Jolla, CA
This gelato shop is located in a strip mall. I was really craving ice cream and didn’t want to deal with the parking situation at Lil Dipper. I ordered a scoop of strawberry basil and a scoop of pineapple gelato. The flavors were delicious! It felt like I was in Hawaii. They also sell a variety of coffee drinks and use Illy coffee.
 photo 14145339_1274414659237418_1587282855_n_zpsvdn3bne6.jpg
Julian Pie Company in Julian, CA
I LOVE THIS PLACE. I’ve never had anything here that I didn’t like. That part really surprises me but this company is the real deal. They have a few locations and sell their pies to different grocery stores from San Clemente all the way down to Chula Vista. I’ve tried a variety of goodies from here. Their apple cider donuts are to die for! My favorite pie from here is the peach and apple pie with a crumb topping. It’s the only pie that I’ve had that taste good hot or cold. It goes great with a scoop of their cinnamon ice cream. Their apple cider is also delicious. I use this company to send pie to wounded warriors who don’t live in CA. They love them.
 photo 14310701_302720426759467_1480465717_n_zpslww6tdlr.jpg
 photo 14278935_1662115834103072_1548500033_n_zpsaxed4icb.jpg
The Great Maple in San Diego, CA
I’m a huge fan of brunch and before I moved to the SD area I made a list of restaurants I wanted to go to. I came here with a wounded warrior for brunch. He gave me flack for choosing this place but I love it. I ordered the beef brisket benedict and maple bacon donuts while he ordered sliver pancakes and a side of eggs. The maple bacon donuts from here are the best ones I’ve had. Their beef brisket benedict was also amazing! The only down side is the seating is super close and makes you feel like you’re sitting with the strangers next to you. Oh and the lack of parking. Their parking lot is so tiny and many times the drivers cannot maneuver in or out of the spots. It’s kind of comical.
 photo 14448183_1730466070539316_7847238534959202304_n_zpslnbf1al1.jpg
Wow Wow Waffle in San Diego, CA
I’ve never tried their waffles. It’s the lemonade that I’m after. I love lemonade. There’s a location in Hawaii that is dedicated to the lemonade aspect. This location is dedicated to the waffle aspect. I ordered the lava flow lemonade (strawberry and coconut) and the lilikoi (passion fruit) lemonade. They were both amazing! I can’t wait to try the Hawaii location.
 photo 14027252_856340784509933_986440063_n_zpsq6qmmsjt.jpg
Cravory Cookies in La Jolla, CA
I think Cravory Cookies is actually based out of San Diego. I found them at the La Jolla farmer’s market on Sundays. They have a rosemary basil cookie that makes no sense but makes my heart sing. I’m usually open to trying all kinds of cookies. My favorite is chocolate chip, but their rosemary basil combination won me over. The last time I saw their booth I didn’t bother getting any chocolate chip cookies.

I’m planning on blogging on different food favorites in different cities and states. xoxo, J.


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