Fireball Pecan Pie

 photo 12821584_10153307153471175_3433268293633236611_n_zps4qxv9j8z.jpg
I LOVE this pie. It’s one of my favorite pies. I always make this pie for the wounded warriors if they ask for pie. The secret to this recipe is good quality chocolate chips and good booze. I choose Fireball because it’s sweet and has a cinnamon taste. It enhances the flavor of the pie. It could also be made with Jack Daniel’s whiskey. Good quality chocolate chips make a world of difference I’ve made this pie with both kinds of booze, both kinds of chocolate chips, and frozen/homemade pie crust. Homemade is best but when you’re running out of time the store bought kind will do just fine. This pie is great for holiday gatherings or any gatherings with marines. It’s been tested on marines in San Diego and it has received a unanimous stamp of approval.
 photo 16797200_10154150479056175_8940402225030069671_o_zpsyzladbho.jpg
Fireball Pecan Pie (makes one 9 inch pie)


1 unbaked pie crust (make your own pie crust or use a frozen store bought one)
3/4 cup good quality semi-sweet chocolate chips (I use Ghirardelli or Guittard)
1 cup chopped pecans
Toothpick (optional)

½ stick of melted butter (or 6 tbsp)
3 eggs
1 cup white sugar
1 tsp of vanilla extract (I used Madagascar Bourbon)
½ cup light corn syrup
2 tbsp Fireball whiskey

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Fit pie crust to pie pan and crimp/trim the sides. Pour chocolate chips into an even layer in pie crust. Pour chopped pecans into an even layer on top of the chocolate chips In a medium bowl, mix the melted butter with sugar. Add vanilla extract and Fireball whiskey and combine. Add in eggs one at a time and mix to combine after each addition. Add the light corn syrup last and mix to combine again. Pour into pie crust on top of chocolate chips and chopped pecans. Wait for pecans to float to surface of filling mixture. Get rid of bubbles in the filling with a toothpick if needed. Bake at 350 degrees for 50-60 minutes. The filling should rise a bit (kind of like a cake) and is slightly jingly but not too jingly. It will deflate as it cools. The top should be a golden brown color. Let it cool for about 30 minutes before cutting and serving.

Personally I love this pie when it’s cold. I feel like it brings out the booze flavor more. I usually put mine in the fridge overnight. It tastes great with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, or caramel sauce. This pie is like the nectar of the gods. I’ve made it for several people and I haven’t found one person who doesn’t love this pie. The first picture is a homemade crust and the second picture is a store bought pie crust. It’s portable and you could send it in care packages. I’ve sent a few to different places like Africa, Afghanistan, and Iraq. It took from 2 weeks up to a month for the recipients to get it but I was repeatedly told that this pie was the highlight of the deployment. You NEED to make this pie. You will elicit marriage proposals from marines if you make them this pie. That is if you’re interested! Let me know how it turns out. xoxo, J.


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