Green Tea Everything

I’m a huge green tea lover. I haven’t had any luck in San Diego trying to find any good places that sell green tea items. However, I found a ton near my parents house. I usually come to visit once a month and indulge in my green tea and Asian cravings.
This is green tea soft serve with sweet red beans and matcha mochi from Matcha Matcha in Arcadia, CA. I love their green tea soft serve! It’s authentic green tea flavor and not powdery or artificial.
I got it again with matcha mochi and kinako mochi. Kinako mochi is a soy bean based mochi. I think it’s a hit or miss depending on your taste buds. I didn’t like it. I prefer the matcha mochi and the sweet red beans.
Green tea donuts and green tea chocolate chip cookies from Matcha Matcha as well. The donuts are baked and are okay. I’m not a fan of cake like donuts and it had the consistency of cake. The green tea chocolate chip cookies were delicious! I inhaled them in a few minutes. I sent a few donuts and cookies to one of my Marines and he loved them.
A selection of green tea snacks from Daiso. It’s kind of like a smaller version of Target. They have all kinds of goodies. I was only interested in the snack section because they have a ton of green tea flavored snacks. I’m sending these to one of my Marines.
This is pineapple green tea from Buddy Chicken in Arcadia, CA. I also tried their chicken steak which was delicious. This tea is one of the best green teas I’ve tried. The balance between the tea and the sweetness/sourness of the pineapple is perfectly balanced. It gives it nice taste of Aloha.
This is lychee green tea from Din Tai Fung in Arcadia, CA. It came with lychees and lychee jelly in the tea. One of my main requests is to have lychee jelly in my green tea. Green tea does not go well with boba because of the bitterness of the tea and the sweetness of the boba. Most boba places soak their boba is a honey mixture. The lychee jelly is the perfect mix with the green tea.
This is a bunch of green tea snacks from Mitsuwa market in San Gabriel, CA.
This is a green tea ice cream bar covered in chocolate and put into a waffle. It was AMAZING!! I bought it at a Japanese market called Nijiya Market in San Diego.

Green tea is one of my favorite foods and drinks. There’s just something about it that makes it nostalgic. It reminds me of my parent’s house and the area that I grew up in. Home is where the heart is. xoxo, J.


3 thoughts on “Green Tea Everything

    1. I love tempura green tea ice cream!!! It’s one of my favorite green tea desserts. I usually get it whenever I go out for sushi 🙂 Alaska is pretty far away but when I go I’ll be sure to stop by. Thanks for the suggestion!

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