Banana Bread

This is my all time favorite banana bread recipe. You really can’t mess it up! I’ve tried many times and it still comes out delicious. I make this recipe from memory because I make it so much. The key to any good banana bread is ripe bananas. I usually wait until they’ve turned black on … More Banana Bread

Fireball Pecan Pie

I LOVE this pie. It’s one of my favorite pies. I always make this pie for the wounded warriors if they ask for pie. The secret to this recipe is good quality chocolate chips and good booze. I choose Fireball because it’s sweet and has a cinnamon taste. It enhances the flavor of the pie. … More Fireball Pecan Pie

Palmier cookies

These cookies are like crack. I’ve never been a fan of Palmiers until I made these. They’re French. It’s pronounced “pah-me-ays.” One of the wounded warriors I send baked goods to loves cinnamon. I thought these cookies would be a great treat. I’m really surprised at how easy it is to make these! I gave … More Palmier cookies